The Art Of Shaving

Our Story

Experience The Perfect Shave

In 1996, we created the ultimate male grooming experience.

Timeless Grooming Customs Transformed Into New Traditions

Humble Roots In The Big City.

Our mission to revolutionize male grooming began with a single shop in New York.

It All Began With Pre-Shave Oil

By passionately crafting quality products with essential oils & botanical ingredients, we created a solution to everyday shaving problems.

And Grew Into the 4 Elements of a Perfect Shave

We crafted a complete shaving ritual, formulating each element to provide a clean and comfortable shave while promoting healthy looking skin.

Essential Oils: Our Essential Ingredient

We scoured the world for the finest botanical ingredients to enhance your shave. Why would you put anything else on your face?

We're on a Mission to Shave the World

Online, in-store, across the world; we're determined to bring better grooming to men everywhere.