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Trouble With The Stubble?

When it comes to facial hair, many men are pretty picky with what products they will use. We mean, come on, it’s your face. The one the world sees every day (well, except for when you are wearing a mask). If your products are too greasy, you’ll be a shining example of what NOT to use. Too light and it is static city. So let us tell you about one of our favorite products, the Stubble Balm. It is unlike anything else you may have tried but we are a little bit in love.

What is Stubble?

Many men experiment with their facial hair styles over the years. Right now, the rugged, yet put together look of intentional stubble is popular. Yes, there is a difference between a 5 o’clock shadow and stubble that is purposefully kept at a certain length with proper edging. It’s a look that says “I’m easy going, but haven’t stumbled out of bed”.

Why Use Stubble Balm?

Stubble’s short nature can make your face feel tougher than if you are smooth shaven or have a little more beard growth. It needs a different kind of care. Your skin is more exposed than with a full beard, but moisturizers tend to be a little too thick for the beard hair. The Stubble Balm does double duty. It helps soften stubble and hydrates the skin underneath, leaving both feeling fresh, soft and smooth.

How do You Use Stubble Balm?

Pump a small amount of stubble balm into your hands and work it through your stubble and skin. Its formula is silky-smooth and absorbs well into the skin. One can almost imagine a moment of cooling as it settles in to do its work. This lightweight balm comes in three of our classic aroma collections - Bourbon, Sandalwood and Bergamot & Neroli. These aromas are customer favourites, its no wonder our customers keep returning time and again.

The Stubble Balm is a unique product that deserves your attention. With summer here and beard hair quickly shrinking in lieu of a “winter coat”, Stubble Balm is the perfect new item for your grooming regimen.  

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