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Summer Beard Is Here

Summer is here, and with it comes an important question: to shave or not to shave your beard? For some people, it’s a rite of passage to shear themselves clean and start fresh for the summer days ahead. For many others, it takes a lot of time and effort to snip and prune their glorious facial hair, and it’s not going anywhere.

If you have decided to rock your beard into the summer it is important to remember you’ll have to manage your whiskers a bit differently. You may want to clip down your length to relieve a bit of weight for the summer heat. Using a trimmer on one setting up than your usual maintenance will allow you to slowly hedge your line without removing too much length at once.

It’s also an excellent idea to see your local barber and have them give you a summer shaping that you can follow into the coming months. Once you have your summer style set, you are ready to keep it looking its best!

How to Care for a Summer Beard

Take a look at the steps to follow for caring for your summer beard through the hot days, harsh chemicals of the pool or saltwater, and anything else that the season throws your way.

Step 1: Remove Sweat

First, let’s talk about sweat. Whether you live in dry or humid weather, increased heat brings increased sweat. That sweat in turn will get stuck in your beard hair and leave it feeling less than fresh. Use a refreshing beard wash and conditioner to remove dirt and sweat to keep you spick and span and smelling great. Wash your beard anytime you are in the heat and need a refresher. The Art of Shaving's Peppermint Beard Wash and Peppermint Conditioner provides an invigorating blend of Peppermint, Rosemary and Eucalyptus essential oils to refresh your senses, and have you feeling and looking fresh to take on the summer heat.

Step 2: Use an Exfoliant

Don’t underestimate summer exfoliation. The constant temperature changes from the hot and humid outdoors to the frigid ice cold air-conditioned indoors can take a toll on the skin.

Exfoliate the skin underneath your beard to remove dry skin, but also help the moisturizer you do apply to the beard soak in quicker.

How to exfoliate your beard: To care for your beard properly, follow these steps

  1. Wash your beard with a good shampoo to soften it and remove dirt, debris and anything else that might have built up in your beard
  2. Use a beard comb or brush to further soften the beard
  3. Apply the exfoliant to your skin and beard, working it through from root to tip
  4. Rinse thoroughly to prevent product build up and ensure your beard is fully moisturized

If you are having trouble getting your facial scrub through your beard, try combining it with a facial wash to slightly thin its consistency. We recommend combining The Art of Shaving’s Peppermint Facial Wash with our Peppermint Facial Scrub.

Step 3: Use Beard Oil Regularly

Don’t fear the oil. The dry heat and constant change of indoor and outdoor temperatures can leave your hair feeling dry. Make sure you use beard oil one time per day.

If you are worried about too much oil on a hot summer day, apply oil at night to allow the benefits to soften beard hair. The Art of Shaving’s Beard Oil is the perfect companion for your summer beard, choose from the aromas of Citrus Mint Basil or Black Pepper & Cedar for a refreshing scent and get the benefits from Vitamin E, to add shine and nourish your beard.

While some men choose to trim or shave their beard in the summer, it’s possible to maintain it and keep it looking its best when the hottest season comes around. Keep your style defined and polished even when the temperatures heat up for a look you can own no matter what.

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