Bourbon Shaving Cream 150mLBourbon Shaving Cream 150mL
Sold out

Bourbon Shaving Cream 150mL

$49 CAD
Bourbon Pre-Shave Oil 60mLBourbon Pre-Shave Oil 60mL

Bourbon Pre-Shave Oil 60mL

$48 CAD
Oud After-Shave Balm 100mLOud After-Shave Balm 100mL

Oud After-Shave Balm 100mL

$77 CAD
Black Brush StandThe Art of Shaving Black Brush Stand

Black Brush Stand

$14 CAD
Oud Pre-Shave Oil 60mLOud Pre-Shave Oil 60mL

Oud Pre-Shave Oil 60mL

$48 CAD
Limited Edition Shave BundleLimited Edition Shave Bundle
Sold out

Limited Edition Shave Bundle

$80 CAD $115 CAD
Badger Brush

Badger Brush

$50 CAD
GilletteLabs Heated RazorGilletteLabs Heated Razor

GilletteLabs Heated Razor

$199.99 CAD
The Art of Shaving Lavender Pre-Shave Oil 30 mL

Lavender Pre-Shave Oil 30mL

$21 CAD
The Art of Shaving Lavender Shaving Cream 45 mL

Lavender Shaving Cream 45mL

$17 CAD
Bourbon Stubble Balm 100mLBourbon Stubble Balm 100mL

Bourbon Stubble Balm 100mL

$48 CAD
Coriander & Cardamom Pre-Shave Oil 60mLThe Art of Shaving Coriander and Cardamom Pre-Shave Oil 60 mL
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